My Story

What is your story?

I was born and raised in Minnesota and I’ve been here my whole life. I have two beautiful kids, one I gave birth to who is now my enthusiastic 5 year old son, and one who my handsome boyfriend brought into my life and blessed me with who is now one beautiful 6 years old girl. They are truly the reason why lashing is so important in my life. I’ve worked as a nail technician most my life and although I have dealt with so many hard times doing that, it was a blessing in disguise because it led me to becoming a lash tech, which completely changed my life!

What got you into lashing?

I have tried everything and anything in the beauty industry. I’ve tried and I've done it all. And I hated it all! One of my bosses in a nail salon that I worked at did eyelash extensions in her salon and she was always so busy doing it, I never thought eyelash extensions were that big of a thing until I saw how many people really wanted them done! It so happened that a school here in Minnesota was holding eyelash extension classes, I jumped on that opportunity right away! I signed up, took the classes, and the rest was history!

What is your favorite thing about being a lash artist?

My favorite thing about being a lash artist would be my clients. I have met so many wonderful women that I probably never would come in contact with. I have gained a lot of wisdom and experience just by hearing their stories and it has been nothing but rewarding.

What is your goal?

To become the most successful eyelash extension technician in the world.